We Make It Magic

Rosina Ruth

Rosina has been a member of Stage Stars for since 2006, only three years after it began, and is a true example of the skillset and stage ‘toolkit’ a member at Stage Stars can gain. During her time, Rosina has taken part in over 40 productions and taken lead parts from Annie in the musical of the same name, and Becky in the South West premiere of ‘A Little Princess’.

Rosina work with students primarily on developing the singing confidence and vocal talents, having done so herself as a student at Stage Stars. Her vocal ability is now such that she has been asked to assist with research on singing for a local university, and her voice has been recorded for degree students to use in their studies.

Rosina is also completing her gold arts award, and is involved in assisting with Stage Stars own Art Award programme.


During a week in Summer 2015, Rosina also trained professionally with internationally renowned dance group Diversity.