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Junior Group set standard so high they may Never Land

The Junior Group have once again surpassed themselves with the incredible production they have put on today. A musical as well-known as Peter Pan was always going to be a massive ask, but they provide they were very much up to the challenge.

With good size audiences at both performances, a large number of people got to experience the groups energetic, and fresh telling of the tale.

The musical by Beck and May has never visited the UK before so this was the first time anyone had the opportunity to see it, and they were not disappointed. Filled with high action numbers such as “Neverland” and “I Crow”, as well as some softer, more emotional songs like “If You Go” and “I Do Believe In Faries”, the demand on the students was incredible. The fact they had to do all this, without even a vocal track to use as guide was even more of a challenge.

Proudly however, not only did they pull this off, but they also turned this in to the best Junior Group show we have seen for a number of years. A MASSIVE well done to all!