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Youth Group seize the chance to Seize the Day

The final show in our three week Summer Season was, as normal, the responsibility of the Youth Group. With the Youth Group only beginning rehearsals in February for the May show, the extra two weeks gives them much needed rehearsal time.

This year the group decided to produce a show that they have done before, four years ago. Deciding to produce a show for a second time is always a dangerous decision as there is always a comparison to the first. With Seize the Day however, the cast and creative crew decided they had room and ambition to take the show to another level, and so the last four months have been dedicated to doing this.

Thankfully, they were right, as not only was this production markedly better than its 2011 counterpart, but it was commented by a huge number of the audience that this was the best show they had ever done.

With a powerful message, and incredibly strong musical score, the show contained a number of laughs for the ‘no holds barred’ Newsies, to the repugnant and eccentric Mrs Snuggs. The show also however had a more sinister side, with the very evil Mr Myers, and Aldous, who made a terrible mistake he is still paying for decades later.
A massive congratulation to the cast, on a very enjoyable, and meaningful production.