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Lord Mayors Day – Congratulations

Well done to the incredibly talented students who took part in today’s Lord Mayors Day.


This was an amazing achievement for a huge number of reasons. Firstly, as we were only given 5 days notice on our invite. To turn round a single song in just an hour of rehearsal time, and asking our students and parents to make all the times is a big ask – but for 50 students to put on three different songs was just exceptional.

Secondly, was just the standard the students performed to. Considering how loud the volume was with the lack of mixing from the sound team, our young people really raised their game.

They were loud, smiled all the way through, and worked so hard. They really stood out as not just the professional and talented young people they are – but that they loved what they do, and were enjoying it (and for me, that’s what its all about).

They were so good in fact, that we were invited to do two other events in the coming months off the back of it.


Well done to everyone involved! Superb!