We make it magic

There’s no storm at Stage Stars – 13/06/15

Despite our lovely weather forecasters telling us that we were in for some terrible weather over the weekend, the sun was shining at Stage Stars today with some fantastic work from both groups.

Our Children’s Group started the day of fantastically looking at a song from one of their potential new shows. The song “Baghdad Bizarre” was really upbeat and all students did a great job.

The group then looked at some script work from the show, and the crazy narrator of the piece, Alakazam. We had some amazing accents going on, from Liverpudlian to French.

The group finished with the students learning a dance to popular musical Oliver, and the song “Pick and Pocket” with Jess. Handkerchiefs at the ready, although by the end of the routine most had been stolen.

In the Junior Group, the session this week focused on musical Matilda. A whole range of script work was looked at with students taking roles from Bruce, Miss Trunchbull to Matilda and her school mates.

For their song and dance, students worked on the fast tempo song “Bruce”, just after he begins getting his punishment for stealing his Head Mistresses cake.

A newsletter was also given out this week which is available on our website to download.

A really great session, well done to all, see you next week!