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Hi diddlee-dee, an actors life for us – 20/06/15

What a lovely session today!

During the Children’s Group we were very fortunate to be given a number of workshops led by some of our very talented student team. To start with we were treated to a session by James to do with using snippets of dialogue to create a piece of theatre – with some incredible results ranging from hilarious to outrageous. Next up, Rosina engage everyone in an improvised office excuses game using great mime skill development. After the break, Rosie then led a session on how to use props to symbolise other items – socks were hats, pens were combs and a table ornament turned in to a very noisy vacuum cleaner. Finally, Emily gave a lovely session on how to work around ‘showbiz mistakes’ without making it obvious – from things such as props not coming on, to characters being in the wrong place.

One of the best Children’s Group sessions in a long time, everyone had a really enjoyable morning.

For the Junior Group session, the group worked on one of the potential new shows for them – Armada. With its obvious links to Plymouth, the song they learnt was actually named after our famous city – “Plymouth Town Bay”. The group also looked at some of the meaty dialogue in the show, and finished off by working on a short routine.

What a great way to spend a day.