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15/10/16 – Weekly Blog

Well, a new school year begins at Stage Stars and I could not have been more impressed by the incredible attitude our Children and Junior Groups have approached the three weeks of auditions with. It is never easy standing in front of us to sing by yourself, or perform, and we were incredibly proud of every single person who did.

It wasn’t an easy job, but we are delighted to have finally cast our two shows for May, and now we get the fun job of getting them ready for the stage. For those that don’t already know, the Children’s Group will be performing another Craig Hawkes production of “The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan” and our Junior Group present “Danny Hero”, only the second time the musical will ever have been performed.

The cast lists are now online and can be seen here: http://www.stagestars.net/shows/2017/

With casting done, we began the fun.


Our Childrens Group spend the week looking at “Live A Little”, the opening number to their show. With the dance choreographed by Rosie, everyone had a brilliant morning learning the routine, which gave them a lot of challenge for an opening number.

Our Junior Group on the other hand got the chance to look at a number a few in to their production, but one of the biggest production numbers in the show, “Weird”. With everyone taking on new parts it was a challenge to get the heavily choreographed number learnt. But they made an excellent start.

A great week all round!