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05/11/16 – Weekly Blog

Well, as the bangs and pops go off all around me, it is a pleasure to write the blog this week on the brilliant first session back.

The Youth Group started the week off on Monday with a very spooky theme “Thriller” pantomime session. It is rarely that we get to hold a session on Halloween itself, but the opportunity wasn’t missed by us, and the students very ably learnt the routine to the Michael Jackson hit.

The students were just incredible, and learnt the dance so successfully it gave is chance to also cover the closing number, meaning we are able to run the whole of Act 2 next week.

Today was another productive day, as both groups started working on their shows for next year in pace.

The Children’s Group looked at one of the big numbers from the show “Staggering Stanley” which focus’ on the lead. Ably taught the singing by associate staff member Rosina, the group then learnt the choreography from Sophie.

Whilst this was going on, Emily took out a number of students to cover some of the crucial scenes.

The Junior Group was another top session, with students looking at the somewhat creative movement to the song “End of the World” with creative director Scott. Getting two characters to fly with no budget is never easy, but the group took the challenge well.

For the second part, the group learnt the first of a two part song “Town Plan” where we are introduced to the rather charming, but slightly suspicious, Tony.

A great week, and once again our lovely member never fail to impress.