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12/11/16 – Weekly Blog

Well, what another incredibly productive week – and thank goodness, with only 2 sessions left until show week for the panto, and a surprisingly few 17 sessions before the May shows (which bearing in mind there is Christmas, Easter, and a few half terms, isn’t long!).

Our Youth Group had a challenging, but very useful run of Act 2 on Monday – and although there were a number of absences, those that attended battled on to have a productive run of the act.

With slapstick, a ghost scene, and sing along, it was always going to be difficult to practise, the group did well, remembering routines brilliantly.

The Children’s Group had a break from learning new dances, and instead set the first major scene in the show – the Bogeyman fight.

The students were incredible and got their ‘slow motion’ fighting brilliantly. We were then able to use the second part of the session to recap the three dances we’ve done so far, and have a great chance of being able to run Act 1 by Christmas.

The Junior Group however continued on trying to get through the 27 musical items in the show, tackling song #9, Boom Town. A well focused group meant they learnt the song quickly, with Scott only playing a few duff notes.

The group then learnt the movement to the number, meaning they have nearly caught up on the rehearsal schedule – wohoo!

We all had a great week, we hope you did!