Theseus - 2018
Super Stan - 2017
Placebo - 2017
YeHa - 2016
Jack and the Beanstalk - 2015
The Battle Of Boat - 2018
Danny Hero - 2017
Mrs Leaf - 2013
Splash - 2013


Amber has been part of Stage Stars since she was thirteen years old and has taken on roles such as Marty in Grease, Captain Hook in Neverland The Musical, Edna Turnblad in Hairspray and The Slave Of The Ring in Aladdin

Amber started her Stage Stars journey in 2012 as a student and applied to be a Student Leader, helping with all the behind the scenes tasks needed to put on a production, eventually becoming a Senior Student Leader, with her main responsibility being design and production of set.

Amber then spent five months as a member of the Student Support team before gaining a position on the staffing team with responsibilities for helping to direct the Children’s Group.

Amber is currently studying at Marjon University as a trainee teacher.