The Amazing Mrs Leaf
Jack and the Beanstalk


Every class is different however we attempt to keep to our formatted stage school structure wherever possible. This begins every class with a 10 minute warm-up both physically and vocally and ensures students are suitably prepared for the session.

After this students then break up into groups and will spend approximately 20 minutes looking at each of the three main disciplines of drama, dance and song. This is followed by a short break after which students look at a particular technique or idea after which the session winds up with stretches, dance technique and notices.


Be Yourself

In 2011, Stage Stars continue to progress with their Be Yourself Programme. The project was set up to make sure that at Stage Stars, every child really does matter. Be Yourself is a pastoral scheme where each student is assigned as staff mentor. At the beginning of every session students meet in small groups with their mentors for general discussions.

In 2011 this scheme helped our members deal with a variety of issues including exam pressures, school bullying, problematic behaviour and parental separation. All our staff have basic child protection training and CRB checks. Stage Stars employ two first aiders, one male, one female for every session they run. We also have a Mental Health First Aider at all sessions.